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Web Portal

Web Portal

Facilitate Next Generation customer experience with advanced web portals development services from Cloudnext, Bangladesh.

With the Web becoming a significant source of quality information, product and services, the entire business landscape are undergoing a digital revolution. With cut-throat competition, public horizontal and vertical Internet portals are helping businesses beat the game by gathering, consolidating and moving data and web content towards their target audience. They pull customers by providing users with enhanced functionalities and latest features, increased search options, voting and commenting functionality, profiling and social networks connectivity, etc. Moreover, company places usually are turning management and business facts setting to back up operational things to do, relationship, decision-making, expertise managing, for example.
Businesses are more and more relocating toward net web sites regarding supplying their particular products on the Web. Using web portals, companies are delivering a unique and consistent user experience!

What is a Web Portal Development Services?

Web Portals are very different from websites. They offer a completely different experience in terms of their usability. A Web portal is a site that acts as a point of information access on the Web. Hence, web portal compiles and presents information from a plethora of sources on a unified platform. Not only are they "one-stop information destination", but they also offer a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications, which otherwise would have been entirely unattached and treated separately.
In all, Web portals provide a regiment, customisable and intuitive web interface for users to access information and services of their interest. Yahoo, AOL, MSN are just a couple of samples of well-known web portals.

Why Web Portals Development?

Web Portal Development could also be a multi-dimensional operation of knowledge and expertise. Businesses are reaping the advantages of the platform to scale new heights in their entrepreneurship venture. An internet portal acts as a strategic entry point to the earth Wide Web for both individuals and enterprises. They're multi-use weapons; the overall public uses them to access emails, public forums, program, online shopping and more while businesses use them to provide fast and easy access to services and products. Gradually, with web portals, organisations are getting to be able to deploy software to strengthen interfaces for databases, corporate applications and more.

Web Portal Development Services

At Cloudnext Bangladesh, we provide end to finish web portal development solution supported our team's vast experience in building interactive eCommerce web portals for our clients. We offer innovative and pocket-friendly web portals tailored to your requirements-your unique brand identity, business strategy, target customers and revenue models.
We offer our experience to help companies of all sizes in designing and developing interactive, innovative & efficient web portals which make their customer interactions more productive and, in turn, increase the company's revenues.

Our Web Portal Development services include:

  • New web portal development services and integration
  • Customised application development for an existing web portal
  • We are integrating third-party applications like payment gateways, open-source interactive modules etc.
  • B2B web portal development providing web services like e-commerce application with a handcart 
  • B2C portal web portal development providing one point of contact to the users to effectively access an excellent array of useful information

We have an expert team of execs performing on the event of Intranet portals, Extranet, the enterprise also as public entrances. We've experience in developing the subsequent portals:

  • Yellow Pages/ Web Directory Development
  • Dynamic News System Portal Development
  • Matrimonial Portal Development
  • Job portal development
  • e-Commerce Portal Development
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • Real estate Portal Development
  • Travel portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development
  • Classifieds Portal Development
  • Social Networking Portal Development
  • Video Site Portal Development

The knowledge enables creating website options which mix info entry as well as content material submission along with effort, workflow administration as well as social network systems. Our architecture is weave to supply regular improvements, functional extensions, and new methods to support your business growth. We offer full support of SOA principles, extensively utilise standardised protocols and develop transparent and well-documented custom APIs.

Benefits delivered

Web portals development services from the house of Cloudnext Bangladesh bring immense benefits to our clients. To list a couple of, they are:

  • On the go- anytime, anywhere access.
    Our remedy tends to make site info without chemicals accessible coming from cell phones and also parts, increases articles and even info supply and also utilises site companies shipping and delivery. Portal data and content synchronisation and replication solutions provide for local access.
  • Integration capability
    We can link the internet sites to several business information resources as well as programs, third-party internet providers, information RSS feeds, repayment gateways as well as internet sites.
  • Performance and scalability
    the extremely expert as well as useful website structures provide server plantation topology style as well as several plantation deployments. All of us additionally assistance virtualisation systems as well as web-hosting programs within confuses, execution associated with fill managing methods, data source overall performance optimisation as well as best-practice encoding designs.
  • Security
    Our web portals ensure restriction to data access through user assignments managing.

Our clients base complete trust in our method and timely delivery. Write to us immediately for experiencing subsequent generation web portal solutions!


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